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About The Book

Dr Arthur Frost discovered that there was a major lack of equipping for business people in order to apply biblical principles in business.

This book is a simple manual so that every business person will know what the Biblical Principle is as well as how to apply it practically.

In this book Dr Frost has also compiled a checklist for the business owner to see that they are covering all the major bases in order to line up with God’s Word.

His heart is that every Christian business owner should apply these principles in their business so that God will bless them and the result will be that our economy will prosper.

This book is a simple manual so that every business person will know what the Biblical Principle is as well as how to apply it practically.

What’s inside

Which System?

Building Altars




The Blessing


Till vs Toil

Which system?

When studying Biblical principles about how to change the way that we do business, there are two major issues that we need to consider, the first being: Which system are you using in business?  Jesus Christ came and introduced a new system into the world.  He says this in Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.”  So Jesus Christ came and introduced a new system of doing everything in our lives, including how we should conduct business.  God wants us to conduct business; He has created us to be able to work and to want to work.  Looking back to the reactions of many people during the world-wide COVID-19 lock-down in 2020; most people were saying that they would be extremely excited if they could just get back to work.  I never thought that I would hear anybody say that, but I was getting it from all over, “I wish I could just go back to work!”  

The fact of the matter is that you were created to work.  Why?  Because God has put things inside of you that are there to create, to bring life and to make life easier for people.  God has deposited work inside of you, so it’s not normal for you just to sit and loaf, never achieving anything.  God has created you so that work is an integral part of your makeup, but here comes the first question: which system are you using?  Unfortunately, the Church of Jesus Christ as a whole has been taught that religion and spiritual things should be left for Sunday.  On Sundays we are to worship the Lord, express our love for Him and give the church some money.  So many businesspeople feel that Mondays are when the real work starts, “Now we go back to the real world”, but that’s not Biblical.  You are supposed to take those principles that you are taught on Sunday and apply them wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.  Although we are only dealing with the business sector in these teachings, it doesn’t mean that you should not apply the same principles in every part of your life. 

If you are a student, then apply the principles at your place of learning.  If you’re a teacher, then apply them when you teach.  Wherever you go, apply the Biblical principles.  It is important that we deal with this thing correctly.  God wants us to get to the place of understanding that there are basically two systems; there is a world system and there is a Biblical system.  We have to understand that Sunday is not your only spiritual day, your whole week is your spiritual “day.”  Your focus on Sunday should be, “What input can I get today that I can apply in the week so that I can be blessed beyond measure?”  I’m expecting every single Christian business to flourish, as long as you stick to the Biblical principles that we are going to teach you.  We are trusting God to start working through us so that we will be a blessing to you and that we will all see God’s hand moving in the business sector. 



Enjoy this excerpt from one of the chapters in this book and see how you can benefit from the practical biblical principle in this book.

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