365 Days of communion

– Volume 2 –


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About The Book

Dr Arthur Frost started sharing daily communion sessions on social media during the initial lockdown wanting to equip the saints and help them experience the true power of God that is unlocked when we partake of His body and His blood.

365 Days of Communion was born from a desire to give hope to the nation of South Africa during the lockdown that started in 2020.

When the lockdown got extended beyond 21 days, so too did the Communion sessions, and from that day Dr Arthur Frost was committed to continue sharing powerful revelations from God’s Word with the body of Christ in these daily communion sessions.

When we reached day 365, it was decided to turn these sessions into book form so that you can have them as a Daily Devotional to use as a tool to help you grow and mature in your walk with God. May the pages of this volume bring you into deeper intimacy with Jesus.

This book is a Daily Devotional to use as a tool to help you grow and mature in your walk with God.

What’s inside

Faith is a substance

God changes things

What is your desire?

God has the best for you

God is welcoming

Goodness and mercy


And much more...

Faith comes by hearing- January 1

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Rom. 10:17)

Let us start by refreshing our faith and believing God for a supernatural flow of His Spirit in our lives. Today’s Scripture verse is popular and often quoted, but we need to understand that this is really where we must start. The Bible says faith comes by hearing the Word of God but how does knowing the Bible help you to believe God? Your faith, in other words, your trust in God will grow as you read the Bible; the more you read the Bible the more you will trust God. How does that work? Let me explain by using an example of my wife and me before we got married. The more time that I spent with her to get to know her, the more I found that I could understand and trust her. As I got to know her better, I found that if someone told me that she said or did something, I could quickly reply that she would never say or do that because I knew her. This is how faith works. The more I get to know God and what He is busy with, what He says and what He does, what Jesus’ promises are and how He operates, the more I can trust Him.

This is the problem that a lot of Christians have; they do not take time to get to know Jesus Christ themselves, they rely on a sermon or a church service or on someone else’s opinion. The reason why it is important that you learn to quote Scripture all the time is because the Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The more you hear Scripture the more you hear what God’s plans are; the more you hear what God has planned for you the more you will trust Him. Therefore, if you want to make a difference in your family or your businesses or your community, you cannot do that without believing God. The world’s system will never be capable of producing what God can produce. God is the only source that has the power to change or create that which does not exist. Everything else must work through the world’s system and it cannot create or change things, whereas God can supernaturally change circumstances.

God can supernaturally change whatever needs changing but you need to realise that you are not going to get there unless you start genuinely believing and taking His Word at face value. If you believe and trust God then you will get into His Word, know the Scriptures and what God wants for you as a Christian. Now when something comes up that is contrary to what God’s Word says or what He has promised, then you are able to go into battle mode and fight with His Word in faith. When you believe God you can say, “God, Your Word says this is the truth, but I am seeing something else.” The prophetic words spoken over our nation have given us some amazing promises. However, if what you see in the natural is not what God promised then you must go into battle mode and start calling those things that are not as if they are. You need to start trusting God and calling on Him in the name of Jesus, thanking Him that He will pull You through that situation and thanking Him that His Word is more powerful than what you see.

The body of Christ must focus on standing together, believing, and calling on what God has said, not what we see, not agreeing with what the masses are doing, not saying it is all fine, just go with the wave. No, we stand strong, we call on God and we say, “God, please change the wave. God, please come and still the storm, change the circumstances and bring us into the place of destiny and purpose that You created us for.” That is where we are going saints and so I want to encourage us, let us believe God and get into His Word. The Bible is clear, the more we quote Scripture the more our faith will develop; the more we speak life the more we will see God move. I want to challenge us to really get to know God’s Word, to get to know who He is because we need to trust Him in these days.

You must understand that even more uncertainty will come, it is going to be the norm. In Matthew 24:6-12 the Bible clearly says that as we come closer to the end times, lawlessness and iniquity will abound; that we must expect all these issues happening around us, but that we can change and restrict them. I do not believe that everything that is happening now should be happening at the pace it is because God still wants to do things before He releases all the end-times chaos. I believe that as we walk together and believe God we will see a supernatural move of God in our country, in our families, in our homes, in our communities and in our businesses. So let us make that decision to get into God’s Word and get to know who He really is and what He has promised us.

Jesus said, “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).



Enjoy this excerpt from one of the chapters in this book and see how you can benefit from the daily devotional teachings in this book.
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